Yoga Practices as Potential Adjunctive Treatment of SARS-Cov-2 and COVID-19

 the wise owl knows best!

There are things we can do to give our immune systems a boost. This article came out earlier this month and I think is well worth sharing, regarding using yoga and meditation as potential adjunctive means of treating / preventing SARS-CoV-2. 

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The more stressed we get, the more our immune system suffers. It will do everyone good to regularly do some gentle movement, breathing practices and meditation.  It's also important for children and teens who will also be feeling the stress.  Younger children should be guided specifically to kids yoga, as that will keep them engaged.

Try these yoga practices on youtube, there are also many others, each with their own style, so explore and find one that suits you!

Pranayama are the breathing practices to improve lung health - here's the playlist link 

And some Yoga Nidra meditations for stress reduction (and much more!) - link here to one for really deep relaxation.
Article Citation:
William Bushell, Ryan Castle, Michelle A. Williams, Kimberly C. Brouwer, Rudolph E. Tanzi, Deepak Chopra, and Paul J. Mills.The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.Jul 2020.547-556.
  • Published in Volume: 26 Issue 7: July 14, 2020
  • Online Ahead of Print:June 22, 2020