Reviews from some Inner Balm yoga class participants:


"I wanted to thank you for a lovely introduction to Yoga and for helping me to fulfil my 2014 News Year’s resolution which was to give Yoga a try. I am glad I did, as I feel it has really done me good and I intend to continue next year." - Lynda C


"I so much enjoyed practising yoga with you.  Please be sure to let me know when you start classes on a regular basis as I look forward to attending and deepening my yoga practice on and off the mat with your kind guidance."  - Patricia D


"I believe they have some local yoga classes which I am grateful for as I desperately need them. I am crossing my fingers that the teacher will be as comfortable for me as you were - I really really missed not being able to go to your classes.

So that is all I wanted to thank you for really, wonderful classes, which I have missed and suffered from the loss of!" - Jane S


"I've enjoyed being a student in your yoga classes.  Let me know when you start your new classes and I would like to come along." - Jack H

"After I come to yoga class I feel like I have exercised internally as well as externally" - Robyn

"Thank you! I have a neuro-immune disease called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). I became ill in 2016 and was diagnosed in 2018. I am housebound and partially bed bound. I deal with daily chronic pain. I enjoyed this session so much! I was able to get active rest and a break from my pain during the meditation. Thank you so much. I will be adding you to my daily routine starting right now." - Monique C


"Thank you for making me feel so welcome in the class."


And from me to all of you - thanks so much for your lovely comments! - Susie M